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NV Tezza Garganega Bianco

WineKnurd: NV Garganega and Cortese from the Veneto, probably Trebbiano and a few others thrown in for good measure. On its own the wine isn’t remarkable as an Italian white; citrus and zest with expected acidity. What is remarkable is the price and quantity- 1 L of good quality wine for under $10. If this were American wine it would be oaky and artificial, so its nice to find a good “party wine” that I will drink with the rest of the guests without breaking the bank.

Style & Quality: B-

Value: B+. If it were a 750 I would say $10 out the door is exactly what you expect in the glass, but for a 1 L party bottle it kicks the value up a few notches. This wine earns it’s stripes on value.

Overall: B

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