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  1. @johnR Funny, my original comment was going to be that GV has all his sheep lined up to buy, so he doesn’t need us. Apparently he can make enough money from folks who buy blindly without a palate of their own or the ability to discriminate. Glad those of us with palates and minds of our own have found our way here and are trying to unite the band again!

    Love the links here to all the offers, plus the research links all in one handy screen!
    Spread the word, we’ve invited as many Cindies as AFK and I had email addresses for initially, hope the rest of the gang knows how to get to the others. You’re all welcome here!

  2. @WIM…..We really need to face the fact the GV doesn’t care about the people here or the hardcore regulars. GV and WL are banking on the uneducated public watching WLTV and buying the stuff he puts out. Hunt Cab may be a decent Cab but the hype was incredibly over the top. GV/WL reminds me of a used care lot/salesman. RP said it best, in a interview with decanter last march. “I seen Gary speak, he is a great speaker, really interesting, however remember Gary is selling you wine.”

    @Knurd…Great to see you, we need to get Bill here. Maybe Phredd, even thought he is a “dirty forumite” 🙂

  3. WK…Welcome Back!!!…we need the complete set of NC Cindies!!!! and the rest of the inmates….JohnR…hahah we can all share the blame….do u think GV enjoyed the insane ramblings of this group…..the WTSO hotline….we are kinda of the bar scene from Star Wars….but in a good way…Yes winos of the world unite….AFK…gets the Eddie Gumbo Trembling Hills Annual Caddy Scholarship fAward for pulling this all together now………….


  4. Thanks for the welcome back all and thanks to AFK for this great site! I decided that my first meaningful post would be on Food & Beverage International since we all bought multiple cases of the Hunt Cellars Cab. The review and rating is for the wine paired with chocolate, not for the wine alone. Its like GV isn’t even reading the reviews:

    “Great reds made by intuitive wine maker David Hunt of Hunt Cellars are finding their way to the public through their tasting room located in Paso Robles, California. Looking for the ultimate chocolate pairing experience for these complex reds, we landed ourselves in the kitchen of Chicago chocolatier Katrina Markoff, who creates an intense culinary experience with chocolate that would compare to the artistry of a wine maker. Her infusions of rare spices and flowers combined with premium chocolate give Vosges Haut-Chocolat the edge we were looking for when it came to creating the ultimate pairing with these exceptional red wines.

    We offer you now the ultimate in chocolate and wine pairing. Our favorite reds with our favorite chocolate.

    Hunt Cellars 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon “Cab 9″
    Paso Robles

    Opening with a lovely California nose of violets and lavender mingling with highlights of spice, when sipped slowly, the wine unfurls rich fruit layers of currants, cherry, and blackberry. Deeper notes of chocolate and truffles give the wine a very nice depth. Full-bodied and warm on the palate, the finish is soft and lingering. Savor a single bite of a rich, dark creamy chocolate Vosges Budapest truffle laced with sweet Hungarian paprika made from the mild capsicum pepper for the ultimate wine and chocolate sensation.
    Score: 94”

    Oddly enough, the lowest score of the 3 wine-chocolate pairings was a 90, while the second highest was a 93. Hmm…….

  5. @WIM: Thanks for having my back! Yes I believe your FS was a mistake but the kind I like. When I put 12 of those splits in my cart showed up as $37 vs. $26 (old price) shipping to VA. Interestingly 11 bottles was only $26 vs. $25. Experimenting I found some quantities were less now while some were more. Perhaps the IT department has been drinking their own dog food this weekend 😉

  6. @JohnR Agree the problem wasn’t us, it was the quality of the offers. The Cindy offers seem to be all retreads and non-inspired offers. The 375 ml Vitanza I just got was my first purchase in months at WL. Haven’t bought from CW in forever, nothing to get excited about.

    I find it interesting that apparently WTSO was reading and listening to our comments, but CW didn’t pay attention. I guess with $60 million in sales, they don’t need us, just need to keep expanding their reach to get to new folks who aren’t already jaded with the quality of the offers.

    Glad to see Da Knurd is here! Welcome to Trembling Hills!

  7. @BB Thanks for the info! Bought a case of the Vitanza 375s this morning to split with Luddite. Showed up with FS, too. Hey, Brooksie, did you get FS also? Wonder if it was a mistake…
    Getting ready for the game of the week, Eagles vs. Giants. Hope we do to them what we did to the Deadskins last week!
    So, where did everyone else go? Haven’t checked the forum at all this weekend. Miss having all us Cindies in one place.

  8. JohnR gave me the link, now I’m back in business. This site is great! All the legendary CW posters and I love the links at the top! No need to be site specific. Whoever started this site I raise my glass to you!

  9. They must have raised shipping, I was actually going to buy some Barolos and they wanted $19 for 2 bottles to NC. Past was $14 and per Fedex on my account was $11.

    @WIM….We are all owed an explaination why they nuked the forum. I suspect that the negative comments were hurting sales. I know peps point the finger at me, honestly, the bigger issue was the decline in quality. WTSO is much much better on quality offerings since April. WL is using Cindy as a dump site.

    @Knurd, The peeps want you my friend!

  10. @all: Did WL just raise their shipping rates? Just put a case of the 375s in the cart and noticed shipping was 38 vs. 30…

  11. @WIM: What’s up Girl!
    If it’s me, and I don’t hate the seller, I’m buying the Vitanza.
    RE: getting more Cindies over here, we gotta find a way to get the word out. Do you think the demigod will sell us a banner ad? 🙂

  12. @BBob, which deal is better, the Montosoli, or the small format 2001 Vitanza? Not sure I’m ready to give WL any of my money either. Still think we are owed the real reason why he killed our forum. Maybe he’s going to sell WL and the new owners weren’t happy with our free flowing commentary.

    @all I can’t access this site from work, and have been insanely busy trying to reorganize my wine cellar. With approx 1200 bottles, I feel like BLou, NTTAWWT!

    Glad to see familiar faces here that aren’t on WLTV forum. Love the organization of this site, AFK! Thank you so much for figuring out a home for the disenfranchised Cindies where we are free to comment and enjoy each other in peace.

    You all are a terrible influence, however, all it seems you do is buy wine every day. What crazy temptation! But, I sure do appreciate the discussions of the various offers and am grateful for the pointers.

    I think we may see more Cindies over here as times goes on. I think CW has definitely “jumped the shark” and the forum has both good and bad points. So happy I got my single vineyard Albarella from my LWS at a great price without the need to be stuck with others in a pack.

  13. The Montosoli is a KILLER wine in a good year and you’ll never see it discounted for 2001, 2004, 2006 etc.
    2003 isn’t a great year, but this is one of those opportunities to try a legendary wine on the cheap.
    So, if (like me) cost is an isuue and you’ve never had it before and you’re not likely to pay $140 for it in the future, then go for it.
    If money is no object and you only buy the best, this isn’t it.

  14. Sports Saturday at Trembling Hills
    World Cup Soccer Play Scores
    All Final Scores
    Greece Stains 2 Peking Toms 1 Final
    Turkish Taffies 3 Brussels Sprouts 0 Final
    Bolivia Newton Johns 1 Argentina Turners 0 Final
    Partial Scores
    Bermuda Triangles 2
    Wine Pong Matching
    Windsor Knots 2 Hammond Ryes 2
    Utah PuddyCats 3 Alma Fudds 1

  15. B squared… Just Amazing…. the nose was delicious…we entered the orgy zone of fruit, spice, some crispy smoke…after an hour opened to a concentrated joy with a long finish…very very nice two bottles four of us…would definately buy again…how about the 375ml Vitanza 2001 Brunello on WL for 19.98…i am thinking about grabbing a 6 pack

  16. Allman bros rocked the house? Brings back the good ole days. Disclosure: 2003 Rafanelli Cab. Awesome but not as good as I remember. Alto aldige(sp) Sav Blanc was pretty tasty too.

  17. Disclosure: 2004 Poggio San Polo Brunello di Montalcino $65 Menu Price Decanted 1 hour
    Venue: Lafamiglia Giorgio’s Salem Street Boston
    After Dinner: Orpheum Theatre Boston..The Allman Brothers Band
    Smells: California sensimilla
    Sounds: Wake up mama, turn your lamp down low…
    Amazing what a trip through the past..Greg Allman is still Greg Allman….Warren Haynes Friggin Rules…Derek Trucks Friggin Rules…I typically don’t like thoses that rule….turn your lamp down low….Second Disclosure 24 ounce large format Bud….not recommended…this will leave a
    Hey A$$hole…please please sit down…you are the only ones standing up in the joint.
    Hey some great posting going on here….I have been exercising some selective diligence in posting….I would offer a slight apology but the rules don’t permit

  18. @wBw, I’ve never had the pleasure to meet Beth personally , but we had a long back and forth last year about hockey. We made alot of people mad , mostly I made people made at me . It was revealed after a long time that FlyerFan was a ………LADY…….. nobody knew. What a gas for everyone .She’s prolly even sweeter in person. At the dinner , if you can ,I think it might fun to sit next to Roxy

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