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  1. @all: Anyone spotting good deals on wine sites please post your recommendations as I am under a GVIWBM for the foreseeable future!

  2. I miss payphones(and outhouses, and whale oil lamps, and horse drawn carriages).
    Now, if I hafta make a call, I have to ask someone to borrow Their cellphone. It is cheaper, however….

  3. @BrunelloBob~I once spent over an hour driving around looking for a pay phone……finally found one but it just stole my money. I decided, or my wife decided for me, to buy a cell phone…….couldn’t keep up with it, forgot to charge it, never remembered to turn it on…….gave it to my wife and told her, “If you want to talk to me, you are going to have to find me!” I haven’t owned one since!

  4. AFK: You’re not gonna kill me again are you 🙁
    I thought I was the last one in America that didn’t own a cell phone…

  5. @BrunelloBob and all~ In browsing through other wordpress sites/blogs, there is a lot that can be done with these things. The problem is, I’m pretty low tech and it would take me a long time to figure it all out. I may be the biggest luddite of us all (I don’t even own a cell phone or have cable television haha). I can add anyone as a moderator/editor and they can add/ edit things on here. If anyone wants to do that, send me an e-mail (knotbillthecat at gmail dot com) and I’ll let you drive the Wilkerson bus. Hurry, before I put this thing in the ditch!!!

  6. @Luddite: It’s a Miracle!
    Though I seem to have been transported to an alternate universe…Is this where Mobius comes from??
    (Can we do “@” here or will the friggin’ moderators rain down upon us???

  7. BTW: I love being able to come here and just run down the list of discount sites.
    Cripes, I’m turning into BuffaloLou. When do I get promoted to “Super-Poster”?
    (need smiley face–Love ya BLou!)

  8. @BDude:
    Re: the Rocca Di M Vin Santo, I’ve not been wowed by the 2-3 Vin Santos I’ve had. Was this one much better than average?
    Do you mind sharing the cost? I cringe, if it got you in trouble…

  9. Hey Boys & Girls!
    (If I’m dead, this must be heaven)
    If this flys, AFK is a shoe in for the Winos Hall of Fame!
    Any chance at getting these links added?
    The Empire sit has been “sputtering”-you never know when deals will show up and whether they’ll be any good, but it’s worth watching. The uncork site has had some really good wines, including the Castello Banfi Sant’ Antimo Excelsus that I think BDude was promoting (expires 9AM eastern today). Looks like they are going to 6 bottle minimums though.

  10. Welcome SC, JohnR, Mig and even the Lude Dude! Agree Ken, all we need is a real explanation!
    Can I get and anagram here?

  11. AFK – Nice job setting this up. You guys are killing me! How many different sites am I going to have to check out to keep up with everything? Can someone explain to me why Gary keeps apologizing, but has yet to post a good explanation for taking away our forum on the Cindy site? Does anyone here know the real reason? It can’t just be about transparency.

  12. Hello all. I’ll probably get tired of everybody calling everybody a douche over there and start posting here. In any case, this is a nice effort. Regards,

  13. yes white dessert wine, usually very light colored, but this stuff had a whiskey/amber color, due to oak and no filtering. Much richer, caramel influences than a normal Vin Santo. Insane stuff. 2001 is the vintage. Only a few bottles left at K&L. 80 bucks-ish for 375ml. The Baron was a very friendly guy. Makes you want to buy his stuff. His basic CHianti CLassico for just under 20 bucks was a real winner with me and Castellini-o.

  14. @BaroloDude: Congratulations to you and the Mrs. on reaching the infamous 7 year itch milestone! It only gets better now!

    Re: Rocca di Montegrossi Vin Santo: White dessert wine? Last vintage 2001?
    Sounds like a perfect evening!

  15. BRivers: Clever. Did the mass email that was going around include this site?
    I think I got invited to be a moderator by AFK but not sure how to go about it. The late night folks need to be live! Maybe you can disable the moderator stuff till we find a threat, or figure out how to do it.

  16. BD wow happy 7………bless you for many more!!!
    WBW Lot 120 is like Lot 172 Atlas Cab which just sold out. I have 4 of Lot 172…picked up during the 20$ off for 4 hours.. For you hoarders they still have the large format 1.5 liter of the 2006 and 2007 Havens Merlot Reserve 28 bones..Lot 202….I am so tempted to grab more to store for 2014 and beyond..179 is still available..email me if you need help with odering..Mrs Brooks is going to check me in to the above…with all the Havens wines I have
    What exactly is this blog and who has been invited…..I like the ease of this
    I thought I would be (Mel) Brooks/(Joan) Rivers on this blog

  17. I didn’t get an email from cindy or WL today about offers… is that going to start happening again?!!! Aaaaggghhhh~!

  18. Speaking of Havens AFK, that’s what I drank this weekend, yum! As an aside, in my LWS they had lot 120 there.. no sale.. somewhere around $18 if I remember correctly.

    Congrats BDude & Mrs. BDude!

  19. @castello, I’m narrowing it down , sending my little girl and middle guy to disney over the thanksgiving week with their aunt and uncle …….

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