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  1. I set up a new page “Wine Review AKA Disclosure”. Tell me what you think…….you guys and gals tell me what you want on here and I’ll try my best to make it happen…….no promises, but I’ll try! I’m going to start a new comment page at 100 posts…….may make it easier to browse through.

  2. For me, it was probably the Loring Pinot. OK savings but only 3 for free shipping, and a wine I really like.

  3. when GV said he’d like to talk face to face about his reasons for shutting down the board , all I could think about was, ONE of us was going to have to stand on a wine box.

  4. @JohnR~Wow!!!! You found a payphone? Check and see if it really works……then let me know the location!!!

  5. A blank page? Spelling & grammar check done, no mistakes! Go Team!
    … hey…
    can we get CH Wine website link added to this above?

  6. Whoa @Mobius works for a bank in the area of consumer loans. Good to know… I’m a consumer and may need to borrow additional funds to keep my wine buying addiction going 😉

  7. yes King Friday…by Friday…Havens wines from Havens B to Lot 202…Uncle Albert to WBW…the burden of buying great wines at 3.99 to $20

  8. Hey Castellooooo oh you told me you didn’t buy any….yet. its still there at the special price i think. We can start calling you Sam Marco.

  9. OK boys and girls…….I’ve opened a new page for wine related articles that you, the inmates, have written. You may notice that there is currently nothing on the page!

    Sooooo, here are your assignments:

    BB and BD~I’ll need an essay on Brunello and Barolo….post-haste!!!

    Sir Brookrivers~I’ll need an article on the unfortunate demise of Havens wines!!
    Luddite~Your assignment will be a treatise on the dangers of modern technology on the wine world!
    WBW~You are in charge of grammar and spell-check!

    Castelloaughtdos~An essay on choosing champagne for wedding celebrations!

    JohnR~Just keep fighting off the shills!!

    Or……..you can write what ever you please and e-mail it to me knotbillthecat at gmail dot com!

    Any questions about assignments can be directed to Nurse Ratchet at shocktreatmentsrus@gmail.com

    FYI~There have been quite a few lurkers these last few days, traffic is through the roof…..we may need to move the bus to make room for more parking!!

  10. Here’s a stick it to ya offer, from my new friends at UnCorked:

    Chateau Mont Redon Chateauneuf Du Pape Rouge 2004
    Suggested Retails: $49.99
    Corked Competitors: $32.59 (with shipping)
    Uncork Deals: $19.97
    Free shipping on 6

    Of course, it may be on back order…

  11. “comedian”
    🙂 he-he-he 🙂
    Is the demigod developing a bald spot in back?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  12. RE: Uncork Deals
    After sending a couple of emails looking for shipping info on an order placed 11/2 (Tinazzi Amarone della Valpolicella Doc 2005), I got the following response:
    This item is back ordered and somehow label was printed.Sorry about that.
    This item will be coming again within 2 weeks.You can either wait or ask us to refund and we will do.
    Just letting everyone know this can happen with them. They’re pretty much just starting up, so I’m not writing them off yet.

  13. I gotta get on West Coast time, you guys are cracking me up,
    @Brooks: Good to hear from you, whatever the nom du jour is! Thanks, as always, for the attention!

  14. BDude: I thought I told you I didn’t get any Castello Dei Rampolla Sammarco! Just because my name is on the bottle big time. You’re right, I shoulda bought a case!

  15. Brooks… too funny! Like Sanford, I have wandered to South America (Chile though) for a month once, but before I was married or last committed in any way. And I came within feet of the Italian Alps several times, but stayed on the Swiss side of the passes because the switchbacks were much more fun to drive on the Swiss side and i had a good rental car. 😉 Someday I hope to get to the Alto Adige! Love the post!

  16. Castellio… knew it would ring your bell. The Plumpjack will be solid too, but that Del D is at its peak. Let me know when you buy a few Sammarcos and I will trade again… 😉
    Keep on rockin’ in the free world people. Neil lost a warehouse full of old memorabilia today in a fire. Sad.
    Tonight: opened a 2005 Lynmar QUail Hill Chard. Deeeeeelightful! Headed to RRV on FRI. Cannot wait to pick up my first Williams Selyem allocation, visit Littorai and Lynmar. Cheers all.

  17. Space Truckin! Music in our solar system,,,,oh yeh. round the stars……Come ON! Makes me feel young again. Do I have any wild lettuce?
    I thought it was BBob got ran over by Ups truck, was it Bdude? Purple toes is a good sign?
    Del Dotto Merlot was singing tonight. Or is that me? Thanks loud red boa

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