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  1. Good article Dude.
    A couple of points that I think it’s missing:
    1) Until recently, people (myself included) wrote off California wines based on QPR. The wines I want are crazy expensive and frequently allocated. It’s just not worth the cost/hassle. With the economic downturn and the rise of the internet sales sites, that has changed somewhat.
    2)Compared to the rest of the U.S., New Yorkers are more “aware” of Europe . It’s easier to get to France or Italy out of JFK than just about anywhere else. East coasters are more likely to vacation in Europe. To get to Europe, you SanFran guys need to fly across the US first, but you have Napa in your backyard, New Yorkers don’t…

  2. Every year is smoky at smoking loon, I mean see some smoke. At least the edumucated one knows of where he speaks. Thanks PHill! That sounds like a good week. Where is my calendar?
    Pino is overated! Merlow all the way!
    Good point BBob!
    Lighten up JR! We’re trying to talk to folks and have a little fun.
    I like the HDV! This price is right in a Giant fans wheelhouse! If I order 2 tonite and 3 on Friday can I get free shipping on the second batch?

  3. Castelooooooo, what does the week after thanksgiving look like ? Less l’s and more O’s? like a tues. tru fri. Whaddya tink ?

  4. I don’t really mean disrespect to GV , it was more of a joke ,a crack at his expence.I just think it was shity the way the forum was yanked ( Yankee’s suck) out from under us all. I wish him well in his VanerMedia thing , I’m sure he’ll do well. This brand thing though , I’ve never bought a f%$#ing tie , book , colonge, or vodka by some branded celeb. I know it’s more of a consulting thing , but you have to PROTECT THE BRAND. I wasn’t a big buyer of cw/wl , but I have been for buying for about 5 years. I live in Chicago and there’s plenty of competion for my wine dollars

  5. I just put up a link for Artisan Wine Depot’s Last Call section……..I’ve only purchased from them once……….got the Havens 2005 Merlot for $6.99……..looks like they still have some left (till Brooks buys it all)…….shipping was kind of pricey…..besides that, no problems!

  6. GV: I know the solution to our problems, Facebook!
    KMurph: Facebook, Right!
    Sasha: Vat ist Faceeebooch?
    Sasha: Juss Liike Sincidallar Vine?
    GV: Yup, Over-Hype Crappy Wines for no profit!

  7. That site has always needed a dedicated manager. Someone that can chase deals, coordinate, answer postings. Splitting the job up among 5 people causes problems. The demigod should call me and ask me how to run his $60M business 🙂

  8. Once he runs thru all the retreads ,he’ll shut down Cindy too….. It hurts the BRAND ,it’s all about the BRAND , mini trump

  9. Considering 08 Napa is probably better than 07, and confirmed by my experiences barrel tasting, why chance it on over priced Pinot? Someone just called out Cindy “LOWEST PRICE” mantra on the HVD tonight, Cindy is getting shitty.

  10. Don’t some people like a little smoke?
    Any chance some of these wines could be really interesting, once in a lifetime experiences?
    Or is that wishful thinking? I really don’t have a horse in the race, just curious.

  11. @BB~Yea, I may keep it running the way it is right now……a lot of things I haven’t figured out how to do the way I would like to……….just feeling my way around in the dark…..

  12. PHill: The high water mark on the Loring is $45 from the winery. They put out sample packs 1-2x per year, the last worked out to like $20/bottle but you took what they gave you as opposed to picking your vineyard.
    I’m really not a pinot guy, but I’m dying to try the Sea Smoke. Hear so much about it.

  13. Johnr: The Pilcher WAS a Good buy.
    AFK: If you click on Inmates File 101 under recent posts, it will take you to the last post on this file. Sure you want to start a new file rather than let it keep flowing?

  14. @Bbob, just got my shipment of Sea Smoke P.N. today. Have you ever had this ? Kinda pricey, but so is the Loring , right ?

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