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  1. Jovino Lives! And he’s pregnant!
    Welcome to the underground…and lay off the booze a bit until you deliver, ‘k?
    ( I can still do queer little smiley faces!)

  2. Hey all,
    Sent an e-mail to Cameron Hughes……told him who we were and where we came from…….even told him how crazy the inmates were! I invited him to submit something for the site if he was so inclined. Here is his response…..

    Hey Tim,

    Let’s stay in touch for sure and many thanks for your support. Buried
    right now but if I think of something I have to get out then I’ll write
    something up for your forum. If there is anything in particular you think
    your readers/members would like to hear about then let me know.



    You heard the man……..give him an assignment!

  3. Hello Cindies! Thanks for the invite AFK! I am swamped with work and am going to have a baby in the next two weeks, but it’s nice to say hello to you all. I have decided to stay up late doing a very belated Q3 report because my boss just told me I need to hire a finance guy. One by one he is taking away all my menial tasks. Eventually all I will do is yell at people on the phone, travel, and engage in long term planning. That sound hard and stressful. I like the drudgery. If I don’t spend my days working on spreadsheets, hanging our on hold with American Express, and shopping for laptops, how will I have time to research wine?

    As for disclosure, I’m drinking the CH Lot 202 right now. Interesting nose, definitely a Havens merlot, but it is very acidic right now. This puppy needs some time. I was more excited about the 202 than the 193, but after trying both, I think the 193 has more potential. That guy is a beast. It could be one of the biggest Havens Merlots I’ve had. So much going on, but a little bit locked down at the moment. It took three hours to really start to show. I think the 178 and 179 are showing much better right now. I just don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold off on drinking all those cute little splits. I have them in my office and I’m just tempted to grab them like a juice box.

    Since there was some riesling discussion I need to make a pitch for the wine I had last night, Clusserath-Weiler Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling Spatlese 2005. Very dry, great nose, all the tropical fruits without anything cloying at all, even a little acidity. It paired great with grilled salmon, but I think it would go with a lot.

  4. AFK….hey thanks again for pulling this together…a very nice place to drop in…How many former CWers are aware of this slice of heaven on earth..we gotta get them to post here…hahahahahahah….i just saw the Molly Pitcher stamp below…..ahhahahahahah……it is the only rest area in the world that I know by name

  5. It’s the hat, dude.
    Commands respect…. 🙂
    Nothing wrong with beer, BTW, though I’ve got expensive tastes. If you ever run into Celebrator Doppelbok…

  6. @ Mr Bob , please, no need to be so formal , unless that’s your sense of humor, which I welcome . After closer inspection BdM is in fact an 05 and thanks for the reveiw I could go broke buying anything with @ Castelloooooo’s name on it !!!

  7. Mr. Hill:
    Home Run on the 06 Uccelliera BdM. Is that a future? 50$ is a good price for a great producer in what’s supposed to be a great vintage. I haven’t seen it reviewed yet, got anything?
    I’m not a Villa Anntinoro fan but it’s a respected wine and, again, you’re buying into a good vintage.
    I don’t know the chiant,i but would pick it blind over the Antinori.

  8. @Loud Red Boa: (Yes I miss the grams among many other things) Thanks, I will check out the Vietti Barolo Castiglione. Interesting that Uncork Deals left off the part of the WS review that states: “best after 2013.” Guess they didn’t want to dissuade buyers that are not inclined to cellar for 3+ years! But they also left off the best part: “Designation: Highly Recommended.”

  9. my stingy makes it sound like its a barolo worth 25 bucks… but 6? It will be good, but it won’t blow you away. Here is another good deal, prob a better wine, but yes you are paying a bit more (from Wine House):
    2006 Vietti Barolo Castiglione
    Release Price $67.00
    Wine House Price $38.99
    Robert Parker 92+ Points

    or my perennial “cheap” favorite Ratti Marcenasco…

  10. @BaroloDude: Thanks! Always appreciate your input. Found a review by Mr. Stingy:
    2005 Giovanni Corino Barolo
    “By Stephen Tanzer
    Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar, Nov/Dec 09
    ($45) Good deep red. Expressive aromas of currant, plum and coffee. Suave and perfumed, with a saline suggestion giving this wine a distinctly savory character. Has the fruit intensity to support its firm tannins. 89 points”

  11. I’ve never ordered from uncorked yet , but isn’t their premise that you can try the wine before you pay ( 15 days before you get charged) and they will pay shipping on unopened returned bottles. Worse case senario is that open one and find out . Sounds too simple .

  12. I am not familiar with Corino … 🙁 I am usually weary of Barolo below 40bucks… the description looks good though. Is it worth getting 6 though for FS, or can you just buy one or two and pay reasonable shipping? Do you really have that much occasion to drink Barolo? Those are the bits of advice i would have. Maybe Joe G can lend some advice…

  13. Calling @BaroloDude: Corino Barolo 2005 WS92 on uncork deals @$24.97 with FS on 6. Believe the general rule of thumb is to buy Barolo under $25? Still would value your opinion!

  14. @ BBob and Bdude , here’s the short list of what I picked up this weekend let me know what you think , producers, price , vintage , ageing , etc……
    06 Uccelliera BdM 50$
    06 Villia Antinori Toscona Rosso 16 $
    06 Castello di Bossi Chianti Classico 16$ (that’s my buddy’s name )
    I won’t bore you with the rest , mostly cheap stuff and uhmmm BEER

  15. Bummer…does anyone have his email address…how about Kurt and Chitown DOTG??? what other chi/wis Cwers we are missing….binnys is a great place and have gotten some nice stuff from them

  16. @BaroloDude, Re Riesling: @Chippewa comes to mind but unfortunately I haven’t seen him around since “The day the Cindy wine forum died” 🙁 Perhaps someone here has his email?

  17. http://www.winemag.com/Wine-Enthusiast-Magazine/Web-2010/Wine-By-Sign/
    THis article is cracking me up. Astrology as a guide for choosing which wine to drink?
    For those of you with birthdays at this time of year, here is what the article states:

    October 23–November 21
    Passion, desire and danger all feature prominently in the lives of most Scorpios (after all, the sign is modeled after the scorpion!). Intense, sometimes brooding and blessed with a lust for life, Scorpios are attracted to the big, bold flavors often found in South African Shiraz like the 2006 Muratie Ronnie Melck A Tribute ($60).

    November 22–December 21
    Outgoing, exuberant and generous (sometimes to a fault), Sagittarius is an excellent party planner, and is often the go-to person for advice (or a shoulder to cry on). The Sagittarian has a naughty sense of humor, and is amused by novel things and ideas. Rosé wines, like the 91-point Château les Valentines 2009 Rosé from the Cotes de Provence ($25) is a great pick for this fire sign.

  18. Bdude: Good question. I don’t see why not, but I’ve never done it. Any help in the cellar tracker notes? Anyone mentioning decanting?

  19. OK, on the old forum, there were a few Riesling freaks out there.. here is a question… I might serve one of the nice Pichler rieslings at Thanksgiving… do you decant it? and if so, how long etc…

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