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  1. Mike – Happy Birthday.

    Giants were lucky to make it in after the disasters againts the Eagles and Skins. At that point I was just hoping to thrash the Cowboys twice and see what happened.

    I felt good about the Green Bay matchup as the Giants looked their best in the 38-35 regular season loss. Also, The Pack owed us one for paving their way to the Super Bowl last year with the Giant’s big Eagle game choke.

    As for the 9ers, Alex smith has been solid. Giants need to rattle him with Tuck, Osi & JPP. Should be a close game. I agree that turnovers will be crucial. That’s how SF got by the Saints.

  2. @BURGHen Boy, you know, as much as I hate to admit it, being an Eagles fan and all, the Giants did look solid. It should be a fascinating and pretty close game. Much like in the previous one, which ever team will turn the ball over – will lose. Good luck anyway, but go 49ers. 😈

  3. Yes, David T, that was some pretty impressive display of power. A bit of defense against the Giants would be nice, but the outcome was as expected.

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